All moms would love to hold their little bindles all day, but unfortunately that just isn’t practical. Especially when you as a mom have other things to take of including giving yourself a break regardless of whether you just need to catch up on some much needed sleep or take a shower, or to simply rest your tired aching muscles.

Some babies are so used to being rocked in your arms that the moment you put them down, the screaming starts in protest. Thankfully, there are things like baby swings that will help sooth and rock your baby when your arms are screaming time out!

4Moms Bluetooth Mamaroo

This has got to be one of the best inventions for moms and babies alike.

The 4moms MamaRoo has an adjustable recliner that can gently rock your baby in various motions at different speed levels. You can choose the setting based on your babies activity level at the time, for example, the slow car ride function will definitely sooth your baby making it easier for him to drift into a slumber.

The seat of the newborn swing can be adjusted to lie down in a sleeping position or sit up for babies learning to balance. The comfy seat is made of a soft multi-plush material which is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, although a slightly cheaper model has rough nylon fabric so I would advise you line it with a blanket or think receiving blanket to avoid your baby getting too hot. What great is that the seat cover is machine washable which is convenient should your baby spills or messes.

Setting up your MamaRoo is simple and easy. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. All pieces fit easily and connecting your phone with the built in Bluetooth device is quick as well. You can have your Mamaroo up and running in under 8 minutes.

Using the app you can control the settings of the Mamaroo from your phone, this includes adjusting the speed and rotation of your choice. However, if you would like to play music from your phone you would then need to connect the auxiliary cord to connect the two devices.

MamaRoo also comes with the attachable dangling mobile, speakers, and special sound effects to sooth the baby. You can adjust the volume, select the sound effects, regulate the movement speed, and choose the type of rotation pattern that your baby prefers, all from an app. The great thing is that the Mamaroo does the work for you like an extra set of arms to rock your baby and the functionality is practically hands free for you.

For Fussier babies and parents that are busier or work from home this is a great rocker because your baby is secure in the rocker and you are able to continue with work or other chores.

4moms baby swing

Features of the Product

•5 unique motions & speeds

•Bluetooth Supported – to regulate motion & sound

•4 built in tones & MP3 plug-in

•Comfortable, woven nylon fabric

•Machine washable seat material

•AC Adaptor so you don’t require batteries.

•Easily adjustable seat to recline or sit up and be used as a TV lounger.

•Weight Range: Birth to 25lbs

Ensure that you follow the weight guidelines because if the baby is heavier than the allowance this could pose a danger causing the seat tip.

The Mamaroo Swing is a kind of expensive baby swing, which may sound steep considering all the other baby equipment that a new parent needs, but if you are looking to make life a bit easier and your baby get used to be being independent, whilst being calmed rocked and soothed by music this is definitely the swing for you.

Being an electric swing that is functional through an app also means that I don’t have to alarm my baby by coming closer to change settings.

I would also suggest using a good quality head rest to ensure your baby’s head and neck are properly supported. Having your baby slightly upright is also greatly beneficial if they suffer from symptoms of colic and GERDs (gastro oesophageal reflux disease). This position can assist greatly in keep milk and food down reducing the amount of discomfort and spill up your baby endures.